Spiritual Growth

Spring Quarter Adult Classes: 

Sunday Night Auditorium Class - "Foundations of the Faith" - Teacher -Brent Stewart, Rusty Owens, Brandon Watson, Anthony Warnes, Paul Stewart, Percell Milton.

     Wednesday  Night Adult Chapel Class - The Christ Centered Life - A Study Through Colossians                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Anthony Warnes) 

     Wednesday  Night Adult Family Room - The Great Escape (Addiction)  (Jay Mahoney) 

                                                                                                              &  Spiritual Disciplines  - (Brandon Watson) 

College & Young Professionals Class

Sunday & Wednesday Night  - "Discipleship"  - Justin Williams

 - The college group is looking at how the whole bible fits together as one story of redemption.  Come be a part and make your story, His story! 

Junior High & High School Classes: 

Sunday Night Junior High  - Explorer Series: The Church - Zach Drain & Anthony Warnes

Sunday Night High School - The Book of James  -  Brandon Watson

Wednesday Night - Junion High & High School combined  class. 

Kids Classes  are covering "The Old Testament - God's Chosen"

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