"I just obeyed the gospel, now what?" Many Christians, new and experienced, wonder what they can do to help the church glorify God. God wants more than pew packers, he wants doers (James 1:22), devoted men and women working diligently to save the world, build up the church, and show God's goodness to their community. The elders at Westhill take this fact seriously and have established WesthillWorks! as a series of ministries within the congregation. Its purpose is threefold. First, it is an organized way to fulfill the church's God-given mission. Second, it is an effective way to inform all members of the work Westhill does locally and abroad. Finally, it is an encouragement to members to get involved in the work. Christians need to plug in to a local congregation so their efforts and works can bring glory to God through the church (Ephesians 3:21). There are other works taking place at Westhill, but these are our organized ministries.

  • Audio/Visual

    • Maintain upkeep on all equipment.
    • Train volunteers & establish schedule of participation for worship and all special events.
    • Coordinate with Secretary on rotation schedule and PowerPoint needs.

    Scott Barham

  • Benevolence

    Food Pantry  (Dickie Russell)

    • Focus on the weekly benevolence program every Tuesday morning 9:00 - 10:00 am
    • Coordinate volunteers to help
    • Keep stock & inventory
    • Ensure all recipients go through all stages of help (spiritual needs emphasized)
    • Be aware of benevolent needs within Westhill and sister congregations


    o   Food For Fitness (Justin Williams)

    • Coordinate volunteers to help
    • Keep stock & inventory

    Dickie Russell & Justin Williams

  • Building

    • Maintain exterior and interior of building
    • Coordinate repairs through volunteers and professionals
    • Provide 1, 3 and 5 year plans for building improvements
    • Inspect all facets of building periodically (Semi-Annually)
    • Keep Elders informed about needed replacements/improvements and depreciation of equipment. 

    Dale Hill

  • Children's Homes

    • Contact Home and/or Director once a quarter for updates and inquiry of needs.
    • Establish & coordinate efforts of service to Home every year.
      • Westhill visits, youth involvement work, and assist with VBS, etc.
      • Inquire about children’s spiritual nourishment from Home
      • Christmas gifts, Food drives, Benefit dinners or drives, etc.
    • Update elders with opportunities of other deserving homes.   


    Mike Wylie

  • Education

    • Coordinate your department with Family & Education Minister
    • Coordinate Bible School curriculum & teachers for quarters/year for your department
      • Coordinator for Newborn – 5th Grade  - Matt Newman
      • Coordinator for 6th-12th Grade – Josh Haden
      • Coordinator for College – Adult – Rusty Owens


    • Schedule training and teacher appreciation events with Family & Education Minister

    Josh Haden, Matt Newman, Rusty Owens

  • Evangelism

    • Communicate at least quarterly with each work – give periodic reports to elders
    • Coordinate semi-annual communications from work to congregation
      • This could be by written form (i.e. bulletin) or presentation for congregation
    • Evaluate/recommend additional and current works to the elders
    • Encourage congregation to communicate with them & provide proper communication method (i.e. email, address, fb)


    • Areas of Missions
    • Foreign Mission  (David Shastid) - India, Cameroon


    • Local Evangelistic Efforts (David Mahoney) - In Search of the Lord’s Way, Truth in Love, WVBS, Heart to Heart
      • Create a new to community list with letter (Chamber of Commerce)


    • Preaching School Support & Prison Ministry (Zach Drain) Preaching schools, students, and prison

    Zach Drain, David Mahoney, David Shastid

  • Family Involvement

    • Coordinate with Family & Education Minister
    • This is a new work to create opportunity for families to grow cohesively and interact together
    • Set goals for spiritual development of families
    • Schedule family friendly outings and access effectiveness
    • These activities can be geared for different facets of the family such as Dads with sons, Mother with daughter, or Grandparents
    • Have 2-4 specialized events each year
      • Example: Dad/Son Campout; Mother/Daughter Day; Family Day at the Park, Grandparents Day, Family Retreat; Couples Retreat, etc.
    Matt Newman & Billy Roughton

  • Fellowship/Outreach Center

    • Oversee the use of the Outreach Center
    • Stock and inventory pantry (plates, cups, plastic ware, coffee, tea, etc)
    • Coordinate with office to schedule events
    • Recruit volunteers to help in all aspects

    Billy Roughton

  • Grounds Maintenance

    • Schedule maintenance for a welcoming appearance
      • This includes coordinating volunteer or hiring out work for: mowing, shrubs/bushes, signs, & parking lot
    • Keep security lights properly working
    • Maintain & Improve parking areas with proper drainage & signage

    Casey Hendrix

  • Helping Hands

    • Organize planning and delivery of assistance/help
    • Coordinate with Office for building use and times
    • Involve as many members as possible on a rotating basis
    • Areas of Work:
      • Internal (David Baumgartner)
        • Funeral meals, wedding, Westhill CoC members/functions
      • External (James Olsen) - Community opportunities/needs
        • Schedule and coordinate quarterly outreach activity within the community. (separate from evangelism)

          • (Examples: renovation of homes, adopt a highway, create opportunities or activities that will benefit the community at large)
        • Assist with disaster relief efforts when needed
    David Bumgartner & James Olsen
  • Hispanic Ministry

    • Help minister to the Spanish congregation and Spanish community
    • Communicate with elders of how to grow the work and meet needs
    • Set specific goals and develop plan with Spanish minister
    • Look for ways to integrate Spanish speaking with the English speaking
    • Hispanic community opportunities/needs
      • Schedule and coordinate quarterly to semi-annual outreach activity within the community. (separate from evangelism)
        • (Examples: renovation of homes, create opportunities or activities that will benefit the community at large)
      • Assist with disaster relief efforts when needed

    Jose Sosa

  • Kids for Christ

    • Coordinate your with Family & Education Minister
    • Develop & coordinate social and spiritual activities for  5th grade and younger
    • Involve parents and members to participate by providing opportunities to be involved with things such as: hosting, coordinating an activity, providing food, giving a devotional thought, leading some songs, etc
    • Incorporating activities with the older members such as: Nursing home, homebound, Young At Heart, etc.)
    • Coordinate 1 KFC a month

    Greg Olsen

  • Men's Ministry

    • Coordinate/Develop quarterly spiritual & social activities for men
      • Examples: Men’s Retreat, Leadership Workshops, Support Group, Men’s Breakfast, etc)
    • Help promote activities within group
    • Submit schedule of men's events & budget for next year in December
    Michael Jones
  • Mission Trips (Congregational) 

    • Coordinate with Preacher & Family Minster
    • Assist in the planning and execution of an annual congregational mission trip, beginning 2019.
    • Work with a team to find a mission work suited for Westhill’s needs.
    • Help with logistics of travel, lodging, specific purpose of mission.
    • Help to promote & inform within congregation 3-6 months prior to mission.
    Zach Drain
  • Nursing Home/Shut Ins

    • Coordinate and provide Lord’s Supper to those who want it
    • Inform office as to specific need/request from members

    Dan Gibson & Dale Hill

  • Saftey

    • Coordinate & schedule safety team for appropriate church functions. (i.e. worship times, events advertised to community)
    • Implement a safety team with policies and procedures to ensure safety of children and members of the congregation
    • Implement training/drills for events such as active shooter, tornadoes, fires, etc
    • Keep security procedures and equipment current
    • Communicate with elders on specific plans for congregation

    Dusty Peterson

  • Special Events  

    • Coordinate with Preacher, Family Minister, and Elders
    • Develop & organize spiritual events for congregation
    • Make necessary announcements
    • Coordinate with appointed personnel on all aspects of event(s)
    • Communicate with Office for scheduling
    • Assess effectiveness of event; continue or stop
    • Submit schedule of special events & budget for next year in Dec
    • Ask for each member’s support
      • Examples: Forever His, Lectureship, Community Outreach (Financial Peace University, 12 Questions, etc)
    Greg Olsen, Rusty Owens, Brent Stewart
  • Vehicles/Transportation

    • Keep all vehicles maintained and road-worthy
    • Routinely inspect vehicles and drive them around
    • Upkeep inspection and registration on vehicles (vans, buses, & trailer)
    • Coordinate drivers who can legally drive and can be covered on insurance
      • Develop a plan for adding vehicle storage facility

    David Shastid & Mike Wiley

  • Website and Streaming

    • Keep website updated, fresh & informative
    • Upload sermons to website
    • Update website with current events
    • Stream worship services

    Scott Barham

  • Welcome and Wanted

    Areas of Work

    • Visitors - (David Baumgartner, David Mahoney)
      •  #1 Priority: Get visitor card filled out with physical address, phone number, and email
      • Create a new member/visitor packet
      • Greet visitors before/after each service making them feel at home
      • Follow up after Sunday (Call, card, or visit)
      • Relay visitor information to the office staff within the week on a weekly basis
        • Explore programs system for registration and attendance records, such as: Elexio, etc
    • New Member Involvement - (Casey Hendrix, James Olsen)
      • Identify New Members and make display pictures
      • Involve them with Westhill Works within 1 month
      • Help answer questions/address any needs
      • Organize welcome meal for new members on a quarterly basis
    David Baumgartner, Casey Hendrix, David Mahoney, James Olsen

  • Women of Westhill

    • Coordinate/Develop spiritual & social activities with women
    • Help promote activities within group
    • Turn in budget for next year in December
      • Example: Ladies Day, Ladies Retreat, Etc

    Greg Olsen

  • Worship

    • Coordinate worship format
    • Schedule men to serve – involve as many as desire to participate
    • Arrange for special events (gospel meetings, lectureships, 5th Sunday, Wednesday devotionals, special prayer services, Unity Sunday, etc.)
    Michael Jones
  • Young at Heart

    • Coordinate with Seniors Minister
    • Develop & coordinate social/spiritual events once a quarter for members 60 and older
    • Coordinate all events with office
    • Implement ways for generational overlap within the congregation
      • This means how to reach out to the younger families/people
    Larry Rowden
  • Young Professional & College Ministry

    • Outreach to the college and young professional age
    • Be willing to teach a class or find someone to teach a class for this age group
    • Have specified events for this age group for growth and edification
      • Coordinate an event once a month
      • Involve Westhill in the “Welcome” week on campus
        • Ideas: Student Luncheons, Weeknight open bible studies, Game night, feeding different teams before games, etc.) 
    Justin Williams
  • Youth

    • Coordinate & organize social/spiritual activities in ALL AGE GROUPS
    • Organize/Develop 1,3, and 5 year plans – Where are we going?
    • Coordinate with Family & Education minister
      • Examples: Retreat, T3, Valentines Dinner, Spring Break Activities, L2L, Summer Camp, Mission Trip, Leadership Initiative, Devotionals, etc.
      • Examples:
        • Retreat – Owens
        • T3 – Haden
        • Valentines Dinner – Haden
        • Spring Break Activities - Hendrix
        • L2L – Stewart
        • VBS - Williams
        • Summer Camp –  Brandon/Williams
        • Mission Trip - Brandon
        • Leadership Initiative – Brandon/Owens
        • Discipleship University - Haden
        • Devotionals – All in Rotation
    Josh Haden, Casey Hendrix, Rusty Owens, Brent Stewart, Justin Williams