"I just obeyed the gospel, now what?" Many Christians, new and experienced, wonder what they can do to help the church glorify God. God wants more than pew packers, he wants doers (James 1:22), devoted men and women working diligently to save the world, build up the church, and show God's goodness to their community. The elders at Westhill take this fact seriously and have established WesthillWorks! as a series of ministries within the congregation. Its purpose is threefold. First, it is an organized way to fulfill the church's God-given mission. Second, it is an effective way to inform all members of the work Westhill does locally and abroad. Finally, it is an encouragement to members to get involved in the work. Christians need to plug in to a local congregation so their efforts and works can bring glory to God through the church (Ephesians 3:21). There are other works taking place at Westhill, but these are our organized ministries.

  • Audio/Visual

    The A/V ministry seeks to maintain our electronic equipment to produce quality sound during services as well as record and archive lessons from the pulpit. The deacons also train volunteers to use the equipment and establish a schedule of participation for worship and special events.

    Scott Barham, Michael Jones, David Shastid

  • Benevolence

    The Westhill benevolence program is quite extensive. Each week we open our doors to those in need of food and financial help. The ministry recruits volunteers, maintains inventory, and engages those who need assistance on a personal basis. The deacons also look for ways to assist members of Westhill and sister congregations.

    Roy McCullough, James Olsen, Dickie Russell

  • Building

    The building where the church meets is part of our church life, and its maintenance is important. The building ministry seeks to keep the exterior and interior of the building functional and looking nice. Deacons coordinate repairs by volunteers and professionals as needed, and inspect the building periodically for needed repairs.

    Scott Barham, Billy Roughton

  • Children's Homes

    One of our ministries is to connect to and assist children's homes within the brotherhood. We coordinate the efforts of our volunteers to offer service to these homes. Often this ministry incorporates efforts from our youth ministry to visit, support, encourage, and connect with residents of these homes.

    Joshua Haden, Micah Haden

  • Education

    Edifying the church involves teaching every generation about God, Jesus, and the church. Our education ministry coordinates curriculum for each quarter, recruits teachers, and offers training and special events for teachers. Our annual VBS project also falls under the education ministry.

    Scott Barham, Joshua Haden, Rusty Owens, Justin Williams

  • Evangelistic Missions

    Westhill supports several missions foreign and domestic in an effort to see the kingdom grow. This ministry communicates regularly with the missionary efforts we support, and actively seeks other works to assist. This ministry is also responsible for keeping the congregation informed about our missionaries and their families.

    David Shastid

  • Fellowship/Outreach Center Activities

    Since fellowship is essential to fulfilling the church's mission to build up the saints, we use our outreach center to promote fellowship and growth. This ministry oversees the cleaning, scheduling, and maintenance of the facility.

    Zach Drain, Micah Haden, Billy Roughton

  • Grounds Maintenance

    To help attract visitors we want the grounds around our building to be inviting. This means maintaining the yard, shrubs, flower beds, and parking area. Deacons coordinate volunteers and professions with "green thumbs" to keep everything attractive.

    Roy McCullough, Billy Roughton

  • Helping Hands

    This ministry organizes and plans assistance to families in need. It provides meals for the sick and bereaved, as well as actively seeks to help members with household maintenance, transportation, or other common needs with which they may struggle.

    James Ainsworth, David Baumgartner

  • Kids For Christ

    In an effort to assist families in developing kids with a love for Christ, this ministry develops and coordinates social and spiritual activities for children in the 5th grade and below. We seek to instill with in them not just a love for Jesus, but a desire to serve others and bring glory to his name.

    Greg Olsen, Justin Williams

  • New Members

    The deacons working in this ministry identify new members and acquaint them with the different ministries of WesthillWorks! They help answer question and address any needs they have in order to integrate quickly into Westhill. He also organize special events and activities to introduce new members to one another and to the church.

    Zach Drain, James Olsen

  • Nursing Homes/Shut-Ins

    As Christians age, their health often prevent the from coming to the assembly. At Westhill we want those who are confined by health to continue being a part of the Westhill family. Deacons coordinate volunteers to take the Lord's Supper to those in need, deliver DVDs of services, and keep the office informed of welfare of those shut-in at home or nursing facilities. This ministry also coordinates worship services with local care centers.

    Dan Gibson, David Shastid

  • Prison Evangelism

    In a time punctuated by prison "overcrowding," the Westhill church of Christ recognizes the need to evangelize and encourage those who have been incarcerated. This ministry offers volunteers to the opportunity to connect with inmates through correspondence and visitation.

  • Seniors

    This ministry was established to encourage and strengthen Christians 50 years and older. It seeks to develop social and spiritual activities for older Christians. Many of their activities involve other ministries, such as encouraging the youth group or serving in benevolence.

    James Ainsworth

  • Special Events

    Each year Westhill hosts several special events. Some of them are directed at specific groups will others involve the whole congregation and beyond. The special event deacons organize these events, inform the congregation of them them, seek input from members, and coordinate and supervise all aspects of the event and service associated with the event.

    Greg Olsen, Rusty Owens, Brent Stewart

  • Students (Bible Institutions)

    This ministry communicates with students the church supports in Bible schools. It keeps up with progress reports, graduation, and needs of the students. Volunteers are often asked to send letters of encouragement to students as well.

    Brent Stewart

  • Transportation

    This ministry focuses on maintaining our fleet of vehicles and keeping them road-ready. Deacon coordinates volunteers to keep vehicles inspected, serviced, and registered. He also coordinates drivers as need for special events or pick-ups for services.

    Roy McCullough

  • Welcome and Wanted

    The primary purpose of this ministry is to connect with visitors, get contact information, and invite them back to services. Every visitor should be greeted by a friendly face, a warm smile, and an inviting word. Deacons recruit volunteers to be door greeters and train them to develop visitor's interest in the gospel. Then they coordinate follow up activities.

    Scott Barham, David Baumgartner, Micah Haden, David Shastid

  • Women of Westhill (WOW)

    Deacons in the group help develop spiritual and social activities for the women of Westhill. They work with women to promote the activities and inform the congregation of the goings on.

    Zach Drain, Greg Olsen, Rusty Owens

  • WOrship

    This ministry is designed to get men involved in leading in worship services. Deacons coordinate worship format, recruit men to serve, establish a schedule, and coordinate with Special Events to have men ready to serve when needed. They are also responsible for making sure every leadership role is filled at each meeting.

    Micah Haden, Michael Jones, Billy Roughton

  • Youth

    Westhill appreciates the service and zeal of its junior high and high school students. We seek to provide education, edifying, and encouraging activities to help grow their faith. We believe ministry to the youth involves all families of all age groups. With the help of members, deacons develop goals and plans for 1, 3, and 5 years, and inform the congregation of those plans. They work closely with the youth minister to provide adequate instruction and fellowship for the youth group to help their faith grow.

    Josh Haden, Micah Haden, Rusty Owens, David Shastid, Brent Stewart, Justin Williams