Summer Camp

The purpose of summer camp is to encounter relationships, enrich spiritual growth, and experience transformation as we serve our God together.   This will be a designated time where we are with like minded people.  We will learn more about God through classes, discussion groups, singing, devos, and nightly lessons.  Hope to see you there! 

“So that you may Believe.” John pens these words at the end of his gospel in John 20:31.   This year’s camp theme is “Believe.” We need to be convicted or believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and be able to share that good news with others!  At camp we will encounter Jesus through classes and lessons from the book of John. We will grow in our relationships through discussion groups, sports teams, and group opportunities.  You will be blessed by attending summer camp this year. Let us grow together in God’s word so that you may believe!

What? Summer Camp


Where? Bonham State Park in Bonham, TX (1363 State Park 24, Bonham, TX 75418)


Who? Finished 4th - 12th grades


When? Sunday, July 7 - Friday, July 12, 2019.  We will leave Westhill at 1:00pm and return Friday by 3pm. (Please arrive early so we can pack everything)  (We will plan to arrive at Camp by 4pm)


How Much? $165 per person.  (Also plan to bring $ for lunch on the way home)

            * Make checks payable to “Westhill Church of Christ.”


Frequently Asked Question:

What do I need to bring to camp?

  • Bible, Pen & Paper; Bedding (pillow, sleeping bag or sheets & blankets  for twin size mattress); Toiletries; Laundry Bag, Towel; Flash Light; Insect Repellant; Appropriate clothing for Play and Worship - (see “What Can I Wear”); Camera; Swimsuit; Sunscreen; Closed-Toed shoes are a must!

What do I do with Medication?

  • If you have medication, put all in a baggie with a list of instructions on dosages etc.  Give medications to leader before loading vehicles.
  • All Medication must be in original prescription bottles in order for nurse to administer.

What can I Wear?

  • Dress code: All tops must have sleeves with no low necks and no midriffs showing.  Shorts must cover to 2 inch above the knee. No see through/ lace/ mesh shirts. NO tights/leggings/spandex unless covered with appropriate shorts (see above).
  • Swimming: girls & guys will have separate swim times.  You are asked to wear shirt & shorts for swimming.               (A non-see through shirt will need to be worn for all water activities)
  • We are at camp, but we practice modesty and help our brothers and sisters keep a spiritual mind set. 

Is there Air Conditioning?

  • Yes, there is air conditioning in the cabins and the mess hall.

Do I Need to bring extra Money?

  • You will need $ for Friday lunch on the way home.

What Recreation Activities will be there?

  • Camp will have a variety of things to choose from such as: volleyball, basketball, fishing, canoeing, paddle boating, lake swimming, kickball, hiking, gaga ball, & more.
  • Your child should participate in these events unless you tell the directror differently.

What about Swimming?

  • There will be a counselor as our lifeguard for all water activities at the lake.  If you need floats, you might bring your own.  Some life jackets are available and there will be a swim test that all swimmers must pass.

What about Staffing?

  • Staff will be from attending churches.   Each staff member will be required to have a criminal background check, a sex offender check & child abuse prevention training.

Is there a Talent Show?

  • There will be a talent show. If your child plans to participate they will need to fill out a form explaining nature of skit that will be approved by camp staff.  They will need to bring any props they may need for the talent show.  (There is a time  limit, just FYI)

What about Electronics?

  • Please leave electronics at home.  (See Camp Policies #3)

What if my kid Misbehaves?

  • If your child misbehaves, they will be disciplined accordingly.  If behavior continues to be a problem, then the guardian of the child will be called to come get the child at their own expense. 
  • I am looking forward to a great camp!  Please email me if you have any questions @


Camp/ Retreat Policies

1. Dress code: All tops must have sleeves with no low necks and no midriffs showing.  Shorts must cover to 2 inches above the knee. No see through/ lace/ mesh shirts. No tights/leggings/spandex unless covered with appropriate shorts (see above).

2.   Swimming: girls & guys will have separate swim times.  They are asked to wear camp attire to & from the swimming area. (A non-see through shirt will need to be worn for all water activities)

3. Campers will not be allowed use of cell phones or other electronic devices at camp, unless authorized by their retreat leader. Westhill is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronics that are brought.

4. Camper/staff are not permitted the use of tobacco, e-cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, fireworks or weapons.


5. If a camper must be sent home due to failure to comply with camp policies, Westhill is free of any monetary obligation for reimbursement for camp, and a guardian must pick up their child at their own expense.

6. All counselors will be required to have a background check, sex offender check, and complete a child abuse prevention training before counseling at camp. 


**Register & Pay by June 16, 2019 to ensure a spot!  We will accept late applications according to availability, but you may not get a camp shirt.  

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You can email registration to:  


Mail registration & payment to: Westhill Church of Christ 3400 W. Hwy. 22 Corsicana, TX, 75110