Sunathleo is a greek word that can be translated as “striving together.” This name was chosen with the desire that Camp Sunathleo will be a place where you can understand as well as experience what Paul was calling the Philippians to experience in Philippians 1:27. An unbelievable unity made possible by faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Camp week promises to be the highlight of the year. Here is a sampling of things you can expect from Camp Sunathleo:

  • Challenging and Engaging Bible Studies
  • Singing Instruction by the 1 and Only Andy Baker
  • Team Building Activities
  • Some of the Best Counselors and Volunteers Around
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun Games
  • Year Round L2L Art Projects
  • Meaningful Worship
  • Friendships Rooted in Christ That Will Last a Lifetime
  • A Greater Commitment to Christ and an Understanding of HIs Plan for You in HIs Church


"Galatian Gold" - A deep study in the book of Galatians