2016 Fall Seniors Seminar

Modern medicine and healthcare has increased the lifespan of many cultures, including ours. Many Americans have reached 70 or 80 years and are still going strong. Medical professionals agree that good health isn't just about genetics or strength. Attitude and faith play major roles in living longer. Join the Westhill Church of Christ Seniors' group on Friday, November 4, 2016, for our fall seminar, Living Long without Getting Old. 

Carl McCann from the Fruitvale Church of Christ will be our guest speaker. Carl graduated from the Browntrail School of Preaching in 1990 and has been working with the Fruitvale church since that time. He is also a graduate of Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama. He has done short term mission work in Mexico and Jamaica, and been asked to speak in many states.


Friday, November 4

6:30p Eternally Motivated

7:15p Break & Fellowship

7:45p Overcoming the Obstacles